Novabot project process and delivery time update

Dear backers,

Thanks for your patience till now. As you know, Novabot team is struggling to lessen the impacts caused by the pandemic and trying to make Novabot project move forward as we promised but unfortunately, we have to announce that the estimated delivery time of Novabot will be postponed to September 2022.

In order to give you the full picture of our project, we would like to share the updated project Gantt chart illustrating our progress to date and plans for the final delivery. Check it out!

Recently, we still focus on testing our samples in every necessary performance test and preparing for the following beta user test activity. Leave a message to us if you are interested in improving the product solution together with Novabot Team. We will try to ensure that Novabot will be delivered on time to your satisfaction to the largest extent.

A friendly reminder: The Gantt chart image was compressed when uploaded onto Indiegogo, you can download it to see a clear image.




Novabot Team

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