Novabot update #4

Manufacturing update #2

We’ve hit a few bumps along the way from our last update with the recent lockdowns in major cities. But, our engineering team just has made it to the factory, and following mandatory quarantine they will resume working with the manufacturer to complete and test several upgrades and potential solutions we have made! 


We have ordered several different major components from different suppliers such as engines and blades that should arrive just as the team exits quarantine. During this time we will also conduct safety tests to ensure production compliance. We are even working on making the exterior of Novabot have upgraded features for sensing and navigation.


Both our manufacturers are working continuously with our engineering team to complete pre-manufacturing. After tests, the team will go to Shenzhen to finalize manufacturing and proceed with mass production. 


We are going to get you more information and pictures once quarantine is over! Please bear with us.




Your Novabot Team

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