Oncoming Facebook Live on May 15th

Dear Novabot owners,

We are happy to announce that we will meet alive again soon!

On May 15th at 10 am PST (Los Angeles, California), there will be a Facebook Live event hosted by our CEO Yulai and CTO Caio, any questions that you may have about the product progress, manufacturing, packaging, and delivery status, they will have face-to-face communication with you guys. They will also go over the full design that we have mentioned in our updates with our demo machine.

If you have any specific questions want to ask or you feel that you may have difficulty watching live on the 15th, feel free to drop a comment in the comment section, and we will collect all the questions and answer them one by one. 

We have also prepared some gifts for 5 of our lucky audience, we sincerely welcome your presence and thank you for your support! 

We will post our Facebook Live link in the comment section later this week, please make sure you have made the reservation and see you on time!



Your Novabot Team 

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