R&D update #2

Novabot’s Fancy Charging Station

It’s not a regular charger just for juicing your battery! It’s Smarter! 

From an in-depth conversation with the R&D team, it’s clear that the charging station here will integrate great multi-dimensional functions into one single physical form with a nice design representing the future.

Our customer shall never encounter the situation that the robot mower loose connection and disappears from user terminals, like the App Software installed on your smartphone.  Thus, the Novabot charging station has ‘transformed’ into a station that not only just provides charging services, but also amplifies your signal! This includes a combination of different techniques. Your smartphone app will always exchange INFO with your wireless smart robot mower with NO PROBLEM.

Such innovative design is not limited to the features mentioned above. For instance, hearing many voices mentioning protecting the lawns, Novabot indeed ‘learns’ to take care of your lawns way better than you expected. Either on the way entering demanded area of your lawn for cutting the grass, or the way back for battery recharging, Novabot will have a great ‘manner’ and never mess up with your lawn, keeping everything nice and clean.

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