Novabot Performence and Function Testing Update

Novabot Performence and Function Testing Update
Our R&D has been making great progress on several core functions and features. For instance, we have tested several optical metrics in order to achieve exceptional sensing and perception results, as well as a robust safety and security system using robot vision. Both our manufacturers and our US team are continuously testing all the features and performance of Novabot to ensure superior quality and material. In parallel, we are progressing with mapping workflow and post-processing procedures have been designed exquisitely. This ensures our customers will get a smooth, accurate, and realistic map to play with! More and more garden scenarios have been covered by our machine learning and deep learning specialists. Our US team is busy interacting with local communities collecting lawn data for researching and making sure our customer needs are met. These smart fancy robots will be further tested as we gain new insight. Along our integrated product development journey, the next stop will be solid proof of our whole system architecture from the industry level and a full scope testing of Novabot.


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