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You can set up different mowing zones for your yard, which is very cool. My yard has a pathway, and this feature helps me a lot.

@Daniel Levine

I have been waiting for this technology for a long time. I’m happy to try new things. It is excellent, it works well and meets all my expectations.

@Samuel Tauchen

I’m very excited about Novabot. It is an innovative solution that does not need boundary wires. This is what matters the most to me.

@David Bourgeois

It is a very powerful tool that gives me freedom on the weekends. I don’t have to cut the lawn anymore. It is a reliable and robust product that can even avoid obstacles automatically.

@Mike Joseph

When I bought my new house last year, I wondered how to mow my lawn. Then I decided to use a robot rather than a traditional hand mower. That’s why I chose Novabot, especially for its perimeter wire free feature.

@Samuel Tauchen

There are trees in my yard, and Novabot works well even under them. That really surprised me.


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