Major Software and AI Board Update #1

Dear backers,

Thank you for continuing to support us! Today we are back with our major software and the new AI board update.


Next-generation AI Board


Due to the pandemic, there is a shortage of global board supplies. In order to deliver Novabot on time, we are working with manufacturers and have already ordered many new AI boards.

We are currently testing a new AI board with scalable processors designed for AI performance, flexibility, cost, and energy efficiency. The new AI board reduces its power consumption and has 6x higher energy efficiency and throughput per dollar than the industry standard. It also performs deep learning tasks more efficiently with its revolutionary Bernoulli architecture brain processing unit (BPU).



Major Software Update

For the safety of our valued customers, we have added a Guardian module to check the status of Novabot in real-time. If there is any warning reported, the Guardian module will process it in no time. Furthermore, we optimized the PNC (Planning and Control) module and updated the implementation of the code, making it more robust and efficient than ever. Stay tuned for more announcements and updates! #Gogreen with #Novabot

Until next time,


Novabot Team


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