Novabot update #5

Hello Novabot Community,


As promised, we are bringing you another weekly update. Our supply chain team is working extremely hard to make sure that all major components and parts can be delivered to our factories and our testing center on time. The ongoing new wave of covid is delaying the operation of our supply chain and factories. Several parts were stuck in Shanghai and we tried our best to get them to hit the road before the lockdown. 


The engineering and manufacturing team are facing the second half of their quarantine but are very eager to begin testing the remaining major components of Novabot before they head to manufacturing! The major components are the drive train, surveillance system, optical sensors, motor, and AI chips. After each module is manufactured then the assembly can be done rapidly for delivery.


The quarantine time is being spent productively! To make sure you can get a better interactive experience with Novabot, we have improved our display screen and buttons on Novabot — 8 buttons are equipped for easy operation and multi-function choices.


As always, we welcome any feedback or questions you share with us, we enjoy the entire journey from identifying the customer needs to product function fulfillment, integrating as much of your feedback as possible to make our Novabot a better solution as your lawn care assistant.




Your Novabot Team

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