Update #8

Happy Friday everyone!

As mentioned, we have improved the design of Novabot and we have a schematic rendering for you. Due to the pandemic, our supply chain and progress of manufacturing had been impacted, and it also offered us opportunities to test our Novabot intensively in variety of ways. As the result, we found that Novabot did have so many potentials to improve.

With the new material of the shell, Novabot’s  resistance ability to extreme temperatures has been significant improved, now it can function well in both high and low temperatures without system heating up or breaking down. This can properly protects the sensitive components inside from harsh weather effects thus lowering the maintenance costs.

At the same time, we also improve the way how the components are laid out inside the shell which make the repairs and replacements work much easier. Such an internal structure can also reduce the potential damage from motor vibrations and potential collisions the Novabot mows your lawn. The vibrations from mowing and driving up steep inclines can be intense but with our improvements, vibrations and shocks are absorbed.

Lastly, to make the transparent dome adopt to our panorama camera well, we raise the height of camera deck a little bit and change the shape of camera shield. Such design provides Novabot zero blind spot and it also improves the accuracy of deck-returning.

Feel free to ask more questions in the comment section or attending our Facebook Live on May 15th at 10 am. (PDT) on Facebook. This Live will only open for our Novabot Facebook Group members, and don’t hesitate to interact with our CEO and CTO during our Live.




Your Novabot team

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