Great time with backers on the 5/15 Novabot live

Dear Backers,

Thanks again for joining us for the 1-hour live stream on Sunday! We are s so happy that so many backers showed up to our live stream and had a great conversation with Yulai and Caio! Your continuous support and sincere suggestions made us feel more and more confident about the successful launch of our first generation of Novabot! Our CEO Yulai and CTO Ciao have walked through all the details of Novabot’s latest designs.

During the live stream, they also provided an update on the current project's progress and responded to numerous questions from backers. It is our pleasure to receive so much positive feedback from you and your fellow backers on the new design and understanding of the possible delay of our project.  We are also glad to announce that, at the request of many of our backers, our Novabot now offers a remote-control -mapping option for high accuracy boundary marking.

We do realize that many of you missed our live stream for various reasons, and our team is still working to find a better live streaming schedule for backers to watch from all over the world.

We believe many backers are wondering what happened during our live, and what specific questions had been asked. Here we selected several identical questions which are mostly concerned with backers. For the rest of the questions, we will prepare and release them in our Facebook group sooner. 

  1. How is the delivery schedule? (by Daniel Lapierre )

It is estimated that the delivery date is delayed by one to two months as a result of the impact of different challenges on the construction duration. We anticipate shipping in September, based on manufacturer estimates and the timeline of our progress. We will post updated manufacture and delivery schedule in the future to keep you informed.

  1. Can version 1 (that we all backed) be upgraded to version2? (by Ken Metz)

A part of the software features that version 2 has will also be delivered to version 1. However, we will upgrade the hardware design so the other features relying on new hardware will only be available on the second version.

  1. Can the novabot cut in different patterns or is it fixed? (by Nicolas Moyson)

The route will be planned by the algorithm. But our user can customize a few parameters like the height of the cutting blade and the cutting area.

  1. When will the Novabot App be available? (by Mike Leek)

As planned, the APP is in the developing stage yet. We will review and test its’ compatibility with our Novabot and different OS of phones. Therefore, we are planning to provide you with some functional user interface designs shortly. The APP will be available before Novabot is distributed.


After streaming the live, we received numerous participants' congratulations and encouragements, and we feel grateful for your patience and generous support. We will continually put effort into testing and improving our design.


See you on the upcoming live stream series,

Your Novabot team

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