Manufacturing Update #1

Recently, We ordered production prototypes from 2 potential electronic contract manufacturers Lexy Inc. and Foxconn. Our manufacturing team had worked closely with both manufacturers since last Nov. Due to the pandemic and the potential supply chain issues, we tested serval different solutions for designing and manufacturing. 

Lexy and Foxconn are the leading manufacturers of electronics and gardening tools. Lexy Inc is the world's largest manufacturer of home appliances, and Foxconn is known as the world’s largest manufacturer. Both manufacturers are reputable for high manufacturing quality and labor standards. 

Both our manufacturers experienced lockdown for half-month due to the ongoing pandemic,  so there was a 10-15 days estimate daley on the delivery of our production prototypes. Once we have them, we will release the pictures and videos about prototypes and the footage of testing. 

From now on, we will post our updates at least once a week, which cover R&D, testing, manufacturing, and shipping. #GogreenwithNovabot


Your Novabot team 

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