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  1. How to choose a N1000 or N2000?
  1. Does the bot have a container to store mulch, or do you have to pick up the mulch after Nova bot is done cutting the lawn?
— You don’t have to worry about containers or picking-up with Novabot, because the grass clippings will be quickly decomposed into your lawn’s soil and they are great fertilizer.
  1. Does it feature any lights? (Not a must, but would be a neat feature, especially at night)
— The LED light will be available for future purchases as accessories.
  1. What is the speed rotation of the blades/motor for Novabot
— 0 - 3000 rpm
normal mode 3000 rpm
sillent mode 1500 rpm
  1. Does the blade speed drop as the battery loses charge? (or does the mower know when blade speed struggles and returns to charge) - Concern is regarding the quality of cutting the first 50% of charge vs the last 50%.
— No worries! Novabot can monitor the speed and the torque of the blade motor, and the operation of blade speed keeps the same quality during the mowing session