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Before we start talking about Novabot, let’s put this question to ask in front.

What is Nova?

Nova is Latin for “New”
Nova is a result of a nuclear explosion and may become a new stellar to illuminate the galaxy.

Just like Novabot, the original from 2020, 5 TOP1 Robotic lab graduated young sitting together, bring with the hand of believe, come out as silver blasted turn out, shining in the turbulent dark.

Innovation, Intelligence, Ingenuity, born talented.

About N, O, V, A

“N” is My Nature as I Born Talented
1. Our core team all comes from the world's best robotic lab-GRASP
2. 12ppl from penn 6phd candidates

Dare to challenge the highest is because I was born talented

“O” O is My Organization
Our headquarter is located in Pennovation, the birth place of Novabot and we expand to five more branches- LA, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Chengdu, Beijing
These are the place where we believe in together, where we build up together, where our enthusiasm belongs to
“V” is Victory
Indiegogo annual top10 innovation product.
Funded 2M
Red dot prize
(Need more checkpoints)
These is the honor and courage rewarded from sweat and tears, the milestones are also the starting points
we will continue to scale new; we need to go further than what we have achieved to start anew

“A”, is AI, all, alive, appoint, answer, aim, art, ascend
Aimed high and made relentless efforts.
(Need to finalize our detailed targets to combine together)
As pioneers, respond to the call of duty and have the determination to cut trails through mountains and build bridges over rivers, thus paving the way for further advance.

Ascending the mountain's crest: it dwarfs all peaks under our feet. We are confident that our efforts to scale new heights will create a brighter future and make our world a more splendid place.

Abreast with the times, forging ahead with determination, and being courageous in exploring new paths to scale new heights, we need to confront challenges and surmount difficulties. By overcoming difficulties today, we will be better able to make progress tomorrow.


About Our Company

LF Intelligence is dedicated to applying international artificial intelligence algorithms and robotic vision technology to products that improve people's lives.

Based on science and technology, LFI prioritizes users through ongoing technological innovation, expert brand management, and marketing operations, and also Integrates domestic and international resources, cutting-edge staff, and technology, as well as continuously meeting consumer demand for intelligent service robots to enhance the user experience.

LFI has an international professional technology R&D team, with key personnel primarily from the GRASP Robotics Lab at the University of Pennsylvania, one of the top three universities in the United States.

Our team has in-depth research in various realms, such as computer, robotics, applied mechanics, mechanical engineering, etc. As a result, we can continuously incorporate the most advanced software algorithms and technological trends for user needs. We will also offer more innovative products to meet the user's requirements for intelligent service robots.

LFI keeps innovating and breaking through ourselves. We dare to try and not stay in our comfort zone. LFI believes innovative technology will make life easier.

Visit our company team: ABOUT US | LF Intelligence (lfibot.com)